Door Lock Installation: Things To Know Before Installing A Smart Door Lock

As homes and businesses are looking for ways to increase security, many consider smart door lock installation as a solution. Smart locks offer several advantages that other traditional ones lack for the most part. This includes the ability to remotely control access and receive alerts. More so, this system can even grant visitors temporary access.

If you’re considering installing a smart lock, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure a smooth installation process. In this article, we’ll provide some insights on what you need to know before installing a smart lock. Of course, the most important are the kinds of locks available in the market. More so, you need to ask a couple of questions to ponder before proceeding. Let’s begin…

Different types of Smart Door Locks 

There are many different types of smart door locks available on the market today. Here is a look at some of the most popular ones that you can consider:

Deadbolt Locks: These are perhaps the most common type of smart door locks. They work by replacing your existing deadbolt with a more advanced locking system. Deadbolts are usually more difficult to pick than other types. Therefore, it’s ideal for use in high-security areas.

Lever Locks: Lever locks are another popular type. They offer a number of benefits over traditional deadbolts. For one, they’re much easier to install because locksmiths simply replace the existing lever with the new one. Additionally, this type of lock tends to be more aesthetically pleasing. It has a higher level of security since this is more difficult to tamper with.

Keyless Entry Systems: These are becoming popular in both residential and commercial settings. These locks work by using an electronic keypad that requires a unique code to be entered to gain access. This code can be changed on a regular basis. It then makes it virtually impossible for someone to guess your code for unauthorised entry.

Biometric Locks: Biometric locks are another type of smart door lock that is growing in popularity. These locks use fingerprints or other unique physical characteristics to verify someone’s identity. This makes them extremely difficult to bypass. As such, many prefer this type because of the high level of security it offers.

Magnetic Locks: Magnetic locks are a newer type of smart door lock that uses magnets to secure the door in place. These locks are becoming increasingly popular due to their simplicity and effectiveness. Additionally, it doesn’t require any batteries or electricity to operate. It’s a favourite among sustainability advocates as it is an environmentally friendly option.

Electric Strikes: These devices work by using an electric current to disable the locking mechanism on a door. As such, it makes it impossible for someone to enter your home or office. This makes them ideal for use in high-security areas where traditional locks might be easily manipulated.

Wireless Locks: Wireless locks are the newest type of smart door lock. They are much easier to install since there’s no need to run wires through your walls. Additionally, it offers a higher level of security since they can’t be physically tampered with.

Smart Deadbolts: These combine the features of a traditional deadbolt with the convenience of a keyless entry system. These locks work by using an electronic keypad that requires a unique code. This code can be changed on a regular basis so it is virtually impossible to figure it out.

Smart Lever Locks: These locks are much easier to install because locksmiths only replace the existing lever. Additionally, lever locks tend to be more favoured by those who are design-oriented. Such is the case because it is more aesthetically pleasing than other types of locks.

Smart Keyless Entry Systems: These locks are easy to install since there’s no need to run wires through your walls similar to other types. Furthermore, this kind of lock is difficult to manipulate. As such, you significantly increase the level of security you have for your property.

Things to consider before installing a smart lock 

1. How easy is it to install the smart lock? If you’re not familiar with home improvement projects, then you might want to choose a model that’s easy to install.

2. What type of locking mechanism does the smart lock use? Some models use traditional keypads while others use fingerprint or retina scanners. Make sure to choose a model that offers the level of security that you’re comfortable with.

3. What kind of warranty does the smart lock come with? This is important in case something goes wrong with the device.

4. How much does the smart lock cost? Models can range in price from around $100 to over $1000. So, be sure to pick one that fits your budget.

5. What features does the smart lock offer? Some models come with features like remote access. Others include mechanisms like auto-locking or tamper alerts. Choose the ones that are most important to you.

6. How compatible is the smart lock with other home automation devices? If you have other devices in your home, make sure to choose a model that also works with them.

7. What is customer support like for the smart lock? This is important in case you have any questions or need help troubleshooting the device.

8. How long has the smart lock been on the market? Models that have been around for a while tend to be more reliable than newer models.

9. What do other customers have to say about the smart lock? Checking online reviews can give you an idea of what others think about the device.

10. What are the return policies for the smart lock? This is important in case you need to return or exchange the device.

Following these tips can help you choose the best smart lock for your property. Be sure to be diligent in studying and researching before having one installed. This is to ensure that you’re getting a quality product that suits your needs and security requirements.

In conclusion 

Now, you should have a good understanding of the different types and the door lock installation process. We hope this article has been helpful in your decision-making process! If this is a little bit challenging for you, then it’s time to involve an expert’s opinion. The best for this job should be an expert locksmith.

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