Emergency Break In Repairs - Locksmith Services in Melbourne

It’s time to debunk the popular notion that says “If they really want to get in, then nothing can stop them”!

Leo Locksmith is a leading locksmith service provider in Melbourne and offers a vast array of effective solutions to enhance the security of your property. Our services include:

  • Lock change
  • Re-keying
  • Burglary lock repairs

A break in can be an extremely stressful experience and it is even harder to determine what next step to take. However, it’s important to take the necessary action to secure the property.

Securing the Property

For us an average break-in repair job involves temporarily fixing the door, fitting the metal door wrap plate and installing a new lock. Moreover, we change any keys that have been stolen. With a team of highly efficient technicians, we offer emergency break in repair services in no time. Our on-site service locksmiths also offer guidance and insights to prevent future break-ins.

At Leo Locksmith, we believe that careful application and installation of proper security measures can eliminate the chances of burglary considerably.

We can assist with:

  • Emergency lock repair in Melbourne
  • Door repairs
  • Frame repairs
  • New locks installed
  • Blocker plates
  • Door and frame reinforcing
  • Locks changed
  • Remote reprogramming

Common Methods of Break-In


According to an estimate, force is one of the most common methods of break-in in Victoria. In 9 out of 10 forced break-ins we see the door is either kicked or forced opened with a pry bar or a SWAT universal key.

In this type of break-ins, once the door or the frame breaks, the force and flex on the locking mechanism is applied with maximum leverage. This means if your door or frame is weak, then even the best locks in the world will not help it from being smashed in.

How to Prevent The Door From Being Forced?

The best way to prevent doors being forced is to reinforce the frames and doors as part of a security upgrade. Moreover, you can also get a deadlock installed to ensure prevention of such break-ins.

Door Reinforcement

We offer door reinforcement solution by putting a metal shroud and squeezing it around the lock to help prevent the door from coming apart.

Frame Reinforcement

Apart from door reinforcement, we also recommend frame reinforcement by installing a door sized steel strip with deep penetrating screws along the length of your frame. This prevents the striker plate from coming off and stops the frame from splitting.

Hinges Reinforcement

Hinges can be the weakest point any door, particularly on a door that opens outward where the hinge pins are visible. When the hinge pins are removed, there’s nothing that can hold the door closed on the frame side. Hinges reinforcement offer an inexpensive and effective solution. For enhanced safety, you can also install special security hinges.

The Use of Old Keys

Using old keys is another extremely common way to break-in a property. A rental property usually has many people possessing the keys like former tenants, flatmates or real estate agents. This makes your property vulnerable to malicious elements. Therefore to prevent any burglary or break-in attempts, make sure you change your locks or re-key them.

Stolen Keys

If your stolen key bears an address tag on it, it becomes easy for the rouge elements to find their target. In case of such an event, it is crucial to change the locks immediately. Even if your keys don’t have an address tag on it, it’s still recommended to get the locks changed to ensure safety of your property.

Carjacking and Stolen Keys

Carjacking burglary is a real thing. Here the thief car jacks you with your keys still in the ignition. They hit the home button on your GPS and drive to your home. There has been an increase in the number of incidences of carjacking and houses getting robbed on the same day. The only solution to this is to change the locks. This is an easier and inexpensive option compared to other solutions. Leo Locksmith offers same day services for standard rate, even if it’s late at night.


The Common Vulnerabilities of Locks and Doors

The sliding doors and locks when installed incorrectly allows relatively easy access to the property. If you have a sliding door or lock, remember to get it installed correctly to ensure maximum security.

Entering Through Unlocked Door or Window

When a door or window is left unlocked or opened, then even the best locking system can’t stop burglars from getting inside. Therefore, it’s important to install a self locking system which secures the door once they are closed. We can supply and install a vast range of door closers and automatic latches that ensure the common entry points like doors are closed and locked securely.

Garage Remote Programming

If your garage remote is stolen, it’s essential to get the garage secure and make sure it can’t be opened. You can use a temporary stop-gap measure like pull the plug and engage the manual drive. This will make sure the stolen remote won’t work. For a more long term solution, contact Leo Locksmith. We supply any replacement remotes that might be stolen, along with reprogramming the automatic doors so that any missing remote no long works

Police Attendance and Break in

Sometimes there can be a delay in reporting the break in and police coming to your property for investigation. In such scenarios, we are fully prepared and equipped to operate at a crime scene without causing any contamination of evidence. This means we carry shoe coverings, gloves and hairnets to conduct an emergency lock repair where the police have yet to attend the crime scene.


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