Details And Advantages of Installing A Home Alarm System Melbourne

A home alarm system in Melbourne is perhaps one of the best investments you can have. In this day and age, the need for a secured property has been more significant. Regardless of the neighborhood, you can’t be too sure. This is not to promote paranoia, of course. Rather, it is to instill some sense of urgency to make the household be protected at all costs. After all, it’s your family’s life that’s at stake. 

History of home alarm systems 

Over the years, security or home alarm systems have improved. From a simple means of notification or surveillance, it has become more sophisticated aimed to provide an even more comprehensive way of protection. However, it is always interesting to find out how it all started. What paved the way for the home alarm system’s conception? Why was there a need for it even decades ago?

Personalities behind home security system’s development 

Notable personalities have to be accorded with distinction for paving the way to make our homes more secured. These innovators deserve all the accolades for coming up with ingenious ways to protect their homes. Decades (even centuries) later, their ideas are widely used and regarded as pillars of home security and protection.

Who are these esteemed personalities? Let’s get to know them.

Augustus Russel Pope 

Pope came up with an electromagnetic alarm system prototype in 1853. His device was battery operated which gets activated when an electrical circuit is closed brought about by door or window opening. The flow of a current would eventually make the magnets vibrate. Such vibration then triggers a hammer to ring the bell. 

Edwin Holmes 

Holmes was responsible for founding the first electrical alarm company. Being a master in advertising, he published the names of his burglar alarm telegraph customers in the New Yorker magazine. To further reiterate the importance of his electrical alarm, he connected his customers to a central control station with the use of the city’s phone system.

Edward A. Calahan 

Calahan took the efforts of Holmes even further by forming the American District Telegraph in 1871. This initiative made the entire control station more comprehensive by dividing New York City into districts. For the first time, homeowners are alerted of burglary and immediately notify the police and fire department at the same time. Because of the success of this initiative, Calahan’s company expanded to other big cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, and Baltimore. 

Video surveillance and fire alarms 

The first video surveillance technology came about in the 1940s during the Second World War. Such technology was used to spy on enemies and at the same time be on guard for any looming attacks. However, video surveillance was not made available for public consumption until the 1970s. Of course, video quality was poor compared to how it is now. Well, at least it provided visuals of visitors through a television monitor.

Also in the 1970s, fire alarm technology evolved accordingly. Fire alarm technology was encouraged more when a group of Canadian researchers found out from a 1962 study that fatalities from residential fires could dramatically be reduced by around 8 percent using heat sensors and a whopping 41 percent through smoke detectors. To further strengthen the need for fire alarms and detectors, this technology contributed to a whopping 50 percent reduction of fire-related deaths between 1978 and 1998 in the US alone. Needless to say, fire and smoke alarms definitely redefined the emphasis on safety.

Home alarm system in Melbourne mechanism in a nutshell 

How a home alarm system in Melbourne works is not too complicated to comprehend after all. This is how it works:

– The moment a door or window is infiltrated and/or opened, the connected sensor automatically detects the interruption in the flow of electricity. When this happens, the signal is triggered through either a blinking light or siren, or both.

– Because of further technological advancements, an advanced home alarm system in Melbourne may also have motion detectors monitoring a sizable portion of the house or property. When the detector senses even the slightest movement (upon activation of the system), it activates the siren to alert everyone. Interestingly enough, the most sophisticated motion detectors can even sense the intruder’s movements versus the activities of family pets at night when the alarm is on. 

– In regards to the motion detector, there are two things to remember:

  • For a stand-alone system, the siren or lights flashing are designed to ward off intruders. Seeing flashing lights or loud sirens shall disorient them and cause them to flee immediately.
  • For a monitored system, activation of the alarm also immediately notifies the police for immediate interception and/or intervention. This makes crime-fighting more streamlined, organized, and systematic.

Benefits of a home alarm system? 

After knowing the intricacies of a home alarm system in Melbourne, it is then essential to point out many of its advantages and benefits. It can’t be stressed enough how important of an investment this system is. Yes, it may require quite a hefty cash out for its installation. However, think of how a home alarm system shall benefit you and your family for the long term.

Protection of valuables 

Aside from lives, a home security system also protects your property and all the hard-earned possessions in it. It took you years of hard work to have the most sophisticated home theater system or perhaps that diamond necklace only worn during special occasions. Imagine how heartbreaking it is for those to be stolen in just one snap. Know that theft and trespassing are significantly reduced when there’s a security system installed on your property.

Remote access to your home 

Advanced home security systems not only provide protection through the use of fire, smoke, or alarm detection but they can also be accessed remotely. Depending on the provider, your home security system can do crucial remote tasks such as:

– Monitor security cameras installed all over the property,

– Control thermostats, 

– Manage smart keyless doors,

– Turn on and off lights,

– Perform other smart home innovations 

Real-time surveillance of your children/elders 

How many times have you seen nannies from hell? No one knows for sure what happens when it’s just the nanny left with your precious kids. There’s no way to tell if your kids are taken care of the way you would. Unfortunately, we all have to make a living, and commissioning others to help look after the kid becomes somehow inevitable.

With a home alarm system in Melbourne installed, you don’t have to worry about a thing. When your designated nannies know about the security camera, they know that they are being watched all the time. It’s not that you don’t trust them. It’s for everyone’s peace of mind. Surely, they will understand. The same rules apply to elders who need convalescent care. Case in point, everyone gets cared for the way they should if a security system is installed.

In conclusion 

Nothing beats having that all-important peace of mind. The world already has its fair share of stressors. The last thing you need is to worry about your home and family members. Protect all your loved ones and everything you worked so hard for. 

Always think of the long-term effects instead of the short-term cash out that is required from such a technology. Go back to the statistics provided in the earlier part of this article. A 50 percent drop in terms of fire-related deaths is notable. Crimes are also deterred through home security. Now is the time to get started. Get in touch with experts like Leo’s Locksmiths to have your home alarm system in Melbourne installed in no time.