The Truth Behind Lock Rekey And Cost To Change Locks

There’s been a long-standing discussion between rekeying locks or involving the cost to change locks. While some argue it’s best to change the locks altogether, others say rekeying may be considered as a last resort before lock alteration. Both rekeying locks and changing everything come in handy and most ideal. At the end of the day, it depends on the lock condition and overall situation.

In this article, we break down the benefits of both rekeying locks and changing them. Let this be a guide for you to decide on what to do with your lock dilemma. It can’t be that hard. All you need to do is to decipher the condition and see what course of action is applicable. Only then will you call the services of a locksmith. Ensure to enlist the services of a reputable and trusted locksmith to do the job. 

What is rekeying locks? 

From the word itself, rekeying means manipulation of its internal components. It involves opening the lock and changing the tumblers in the cylinder. This is the case to stop existing keys from working. In the lock, you can see springs and pins. These internal components are removed and replaced with new ones. Therefore, all old keys are already deemed useless as new keys are the only ones to work. 

When to consider rekeying locks? 

There are three major instances when rekeying may be the best way to deal with your lock issues. Here they are…

Lost old key 

This happened to everyone and surely you’ve had a share of this. Have you left your key stuck on the door all night only to realize it the next day? What about losing your duly-labeled key (with your unit number, etc.) then finding it on some corner of the hallway a few hours later? Thank heavens at least you didn’t lose the key entirely.

However, happiness all of sudden turns to paranoia. Yes, you finally found the lost key/s but how sure are you that no one got them and made a copy? Highly relatable, isn’t it? In this case, rekeying may be ideal instead of changing the locks altogether considering that the cost to change locks maybe more. Your trusted locksmith surely knows how to take care of this situation.

Moving in and out of a new home 

To be completely safe and have peace of mind, ensure that old keys can’t be used anymore when you move into your new home. You certainly don’t want old owners or tenants gaining entry to the home for any purpose they have. Whether they like it or not, you are the new tenant/owner and your privacy must be respected at all times.  

Similar to the previous point, since the new home comes with existing keys, it may be a good idea to just have it rekeyed. An expert and highly skilled locksmith definitely knows what to do with the existing locks so old keys can no longer be used. In this case, there’s not much work to be done. The existing keys can still be used with a little manipulation and adjustment so old keys can’t work. 

Same key brand and keyholes, different keys 

Alright, this is not confusing as it appears to be. Some keys of the same brand have the same keyhole and keys enter through without any problems. Now, even if all keys enter, it won’t work unless it is the correct key. This can be a little annoying especially for households or offices with a lot of locks to deal with. 

To make the situation easier and more convenient to handle, you can opt to do rekeying. This way, different locks (same brand and keyhole) can just have one key. At least you don’t have to deal with figuring the right key out especially if there’s a way to make your life easier. Call your locksmith and let them know about this idea. They are the best people to determine is indeed possible with the locks and keys you have.

Cost to change locks and changing locks altogether 

So, you know the instances when rekeying is a good idea. This time, let’s take a deep dive into the reasons for completely changing locks and perhaps the implications and cost to change locks. Refer to the ones listed and see if you can relate to any of them. Here are some of the instances when changing locks may be considered…

Been too long 

You didn’t lose your keys, neither did you move to a new home. In short, there is no immediate need to do anything with your locks. However, it is high time to check how long the locks and keys have been there. Just like anything else, locks and keys are prone to natural wear and tear. This is especially the case when it is used too often. 

Ever experience difficulty in pulling out a key from its lock? Like it seems forever before the key finally budges? What about easily manipulating the lock with just some applied force? Either these situations suggest your lock is too old and needs to be replaced or it is damaged. Anyway, when you experience these cumbersome circumstances, better call your locksmith to ask about the cost to change locks and how to go about it.

Safety, safety, safety 

Oh, heaven forbid this doesn’t happen to anyone. Unfortunately, break-ins have been rampant in many areas. Even the safest of neighborhoods have reported break-ins, trespassing, vandalizing, and other crimes against privacy, property, and even people’s lives. For this to never happen again, you better take action!

If any of such an unfortunate situation takes place, don’t ever second guess and have all your locks changed at the drop of a hat! That is if you didn’t decide to move to another home, anyway. Don’t mind the cost to change locks. Even better, expert and professional locksmiths also offer home security and home intercom system installation. You may consider doing everything to protect yourself, your property, and your loved ones.

In summary 

At the end of the day, rekeying locks or changing the locks together share the same occurrence or circumstance. Nothing is etched in stone. The items given for rekeying possibility may also be an indication to change the locks. The same way is true that old locks may just be rekeyed instead of changed as the cost to change locks may be a little too steep to manage at the moment.

With all of these situations presented, it is always recommended to consult with your trusted locksmith. These lock experts can definitely help you decipher whether to change or just rekey your lock. With many aspects to consider, locksmiths can help sort things out for you. There are locksmiths in the area such as Leo’s Locksmiths that have been in the business for so long. 

These locksmiths have proven their credibility not only in terms of rekeying or changing locks but many other locksmith services. They can even educate you with important details you need to know about locks, security, and safety. Get in touch with them and ask about the cost to change locks and all other questions you have in mind.